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Training Topics

 These are just a few of many training sessions we offer – to see an exclusive list please ask us for our brochure:

Empower Leaders

Leadership – understanding your role

Developed for newly promoted leaders – addresses expectations, accountability, leadership progression, delegation of duties, and servant leadership

Effective Interviewing

This training addresses the “what to say, and what not to say during an interview”, as well as how to ask effective questions which allow for information needed to make the best hiring decisions

Employee Discipline and termination

In this training we teach leaders how, when, and why, to discipline, and how to do so in order to avoid employment related claims


Engage Employees

New Hire Orientation

We teach employees about your company’s history, mission and vision, standards and expectations, and employee benefits

Effective Communication

We teach the elements of effective communication which include: Improving listening skills, Constructing 3-part assertion messages, Managing problem-oriented personalities, Learning not to react emotionally, and Communicating clearly and effectively.

Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

This training provides employees with information identifying what harassment and discrimination looks like and what reporting rights employees have. This training is one necessary step which helps protect employers to provide a valid defense if ever faced with such a claim.

This training is one necessary step in providing a valid defense if the employer is ever faced with a Harassment or Discrimination claim.

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